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External User Request Form


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External User Request Form

By Underwriting

pdf      pdf 
Quick Reference Guide     External User Enrollment Form


Duration: 4:49

This is a video walk through of how to gain access to the CRICO XMAPS system.


Welcome to the CRICO Underwriting Training Series.  This video features information about how to complete and submit the CRICO External User Enrollment Form to gain access to the CRICO XMAPS system.

XMAPS, also referred to as UMAPS, is the CRICO system that stores the records for all active and inactive physicians. This system is used by CRICO Underwriting and certain authorized external users at CRICO-insured organizations. The database allows various functions including entering coverage for physicians, terminating physicians that are no longer employed by an organization, generating Claim History documents for physicians, and generating confirmations of coverage for both employees and physicians.

This presentation will take you through the process of submitting a request to have access to this system. The quick reference guide shown here is also available on the website after the transcript of this video. CRICO grants XMAPS inquiry access to authorized institution representatives. XMAPS provides current coverage information on all CRICO insured physicians.

To be eligible for XMAPS access, you need to be employed by or working on behalf of one of the CRICO affiliated member institutions.

Once you have determined that you are eligible for XMAPS access complete the “External User Enrollment Form” and make sure that you are using the most current version. For an updated version, contact [email protected] or refer to your most recent Underwriting Manual appendix.

When looking at the form itself, complete the “New User Information” section in full.  These fields include Name, Institution (which is your employer), Title, Department, Phone number, and current email address. Please ensure that every field is completed before moving onto “Requested Permissions.”

The “Requested Permissions” portion of the form refers to the level of access you will be requesting. Indicate which permissions you need, it can be more than one.

Now we will review what each permission means:

  • View physician confirmations (aka facesheets) – physician confirmations of coverage evidence professional liability coverage for an individual physician along with their current policy number.
  • View Claims History Reports – With this level of access you are able to run claim histories for active or previously insured physicians.Please note, if the physician has had any claims activity with CRICO, you will need to submit a request via our online portal.For more information on this, you can reference the Underwriting Training Video “Claim History Wizard.”
  • Modify physician and coverage information – with this level of access you will be able to terminate coverage for resident, fellows, and staff physicians and enter coverage for residents & fellows.
  • Access to Underwriting Portal – This is a members-only site which includes Underwriting information such as CRICO applications, forms, brochures, policy documents, Underwriting Manual, risk reports, newsletters, and training videos.

Next, indicate the date external user access is required.

For the last section of the application, have the credentialing manager or director at your institution sign and date this form. Note that depending on your institution this may be known as the Credentialing, Provider Services, Office of Professional Staff Affairs, or Medical Staff Office, etc.  If you are unsure of the correct individual to contact at your institution, reach out to Underwriting for assistance.

Once completed, submit this form to [email protected] or fax to 617.450.8297 and allow at least two business days for processing.

Once your access has been input into the system, you will receive an email from CRICO with login information.

If you do not log in to XMAPS for 90 days, you will be locked out of your account. If you get locked out of your account, email [email protected] to request a password reset. Include your full name and user name in this request.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, you can refer to other tutorials in the Underwriting Training Series or contact your assigned Relationship Manager, email [email protected], or call (617) 450-8219.

September 6, 2018
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