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Healing the Healer


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Healing the Healer

By Luke Sato, MD, CRICO

Related to: Communication, Disclosure + Apology, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Obstetrics, Other Specialties, Surgery

A patient death. A failed treatment. A medical error. A surgical complication. The overwhelming impact of this type of tragic experience on a physician or nurse during the course of their careers may be among the worst of their lives and have a lasting impact on their ongoing ability to act as caregivers. Until recently, it was understood that a clinician who experienced any sort of adverse event during the treatment of a patient was best served by keeping silent and coping with the mental and emotional impact alone.

With the release and distribution of Healing the Healer, we now have a vehicle that exposes the painful impact on clinicians when patient care goes wrong. This dramatic film has also become a catalyst for frank and open discussion around a topic that was previously unmentioned. Ultimately, it serves as a call to action to help healers with their own recovery so that they are able to continue delivering optimal care to their patients.

Healing the Healer brings the impacted clinicians' emotions to the surface, and explores the potential risks to patient safety. It also explores some promising interventions from across the United States, where health care institutions are beginning to put into place the kinds of programs necessary to help clinicians cope and continue providing high-quality care.

Either the 19-minute feature or one of the eight shorter clips enable users to begin to answer the call to action. Viewers are often prompted to ask: “What are we doing in our institution to support our valued clinicians during a very difficult time? What would work here?”


How Can I Access this Film?


CRICO-insured staff physicians who log into My CRICO when prompted here, can download the complete Healing the Healer film. A complete and easy computer download is available so you are able to view the complete 19-minute film and the accompanying case studies and interventions at your convenience.

A DVD version of Healing the Healer is also available to members of the Harvard medical community free of charge. Members who wish to receive a copy, should contact CRICO, via Carolyn Jones by email or at 617.450.5539.

Public Parties who are not CRICO-Insured

This film and When Things Go Wrong, are available for purchase via PayPal to those outside of the Harvard medical community.

November 1, 2010
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