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The Role of Radiology


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The Role of Radiology

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Citing CRICO’s Candello data, the University of California San Diego Medical Center has instituted a significant change for its Radiology service. Armed with malpractice and local data demonstrating the clinical and financial risks associated with delays that led to significant injuries and deaths, leadership moved to expand the hours when an attending radiologist is available to provide final reads for ED patients.

Radiologists providing critical visuals and interpretations of your ED patients’ complaints are also susceptible to clinical judgment errors or organizational systems failures. This CRICO Candello study found that, across all organizations, Radiology was the responsible service identified in seven percent of the ED diagnosis-related cases, with misinterpretation of tests being the factor most commonly identified.

Organizations that ensure that an attending radiologist has read a film prior to transmission of findings to the ED (or patient discharge)—and those that leverage EMR technology to ensure that physicians are reading and responding to the most updated radiological studies—are better poised to draw accurate conclusions and initiate appropriate treatment.

July 25, 2012
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