CRICO's Anti-Racism Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Policy Statement

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Expertise. Innovation. Empathy. Respect.


CRICO’s employees serve the Harvard medical community, Strategies clients, and affiliated organizations with expertise, innovation, empathy, and respect. We take pride in knowing that our services promote patient safety and the just resolution of conflict.

Executive Leadership
This team of leaders are united in their commitment to the CRICO mission: Protecting Providers. Promoting Safety.
Claims Department
Claims works with risk management representatives of the CRICO-covered institutions as well as defense counsel, to ensure superior service.
Corporate Counsel
This team supports CRICO and institutional general counsels.
Finance provides administrative and analytic support for financial and insurance managers at our member institutions.
Information Technology
The Information Technology team provides CRICO with the right technology solutions to support its strategic and corporate goals.
Patient Safety
The Patient Safety Team serves a vital role in risk reduction by partnering with our members in a broad set of strategies and interventions focused on identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities. Together we create targeted solutions to improve patient safety and decrease malpractice risk.

We accomplish this through our Patient Safety Liaisons, clinical resources, online patient safety educational offerings, guidelines, publications, AMC PSO, Risk Assessment Unit and Grants Program.
Candello clients benefit from use of products and services that reduce medical error and malpractice exposure. Learn more about the Candello offerings on their website.
Communications delivers marketing, research, web management, event planning, strategic intelligence, branding, and effective communication.
Facilities staff is responsible for oversight and management of the CRICO office space at 1325 Boylston Street in Boston.
Human Resources
The team answers inquiries individuals may have regarding employment opportunities with CRICO.
This team provides strategic asset allocation and investment manager selection.
Underwriting supports the strategic direction of CRICO by anticipating the changes in the medical and risk climates, understanding member activities and trending underwriting data.