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CBS Report: Malpractice Risks of Routine Medical Procedures

December 17, 2013

Media Release: For thousands of patients each year, seemingly benign screening, diagnostic, or therapeutic procedures lead to a significant injury or death.


CRICO-Funded Fellowship Recipients for Class of 2015 Announced

July 16, 2013

Media/Press Release: The CRICO-funded HMS fellowship announces six recipients of its class of 2015. The program's primary goal is to train a select group of individuals to lead operational improvement initiatives within the Harvard medical system and across the nation.


MMIC Partnership Grows CRICO Strategies Midwest Presence

April 25, 2013

CRICO Strategies Welcomes MMIC. A common commitment to improving patient and provider safety leads to exciting new partnership between medical malpractice insurers. READ MORE >

CRICO Challenges EMR Complacency

February 6, 2013

In a recently released video, CRICO offers a vision of how EMRs of the future might improve health care safety for both patient and physician. READ MORE >

1-5 of (5) items