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Listen, Answer the Question, and Shut Up

April 20, 2017

Hiller Zobel, LLB, a retired judge and co-author of an updated book on doctors and the law, discusses with HealthLeaders Media how physicians can best help themselves when medical malpractice is alleged. Zobel’s book, Doctors & the Law, that he co-authors with Stephen N. Rous, MD, was published by CRICO in November 2016. READ MORE >

Primary Care Collaboration to Improve Diagnosis and Screening for Colorectal Cancer

April 19, 2017

Supported by CRICO funding, 25 primary care practices, from July 2014–June 2016, worked to improve colorectal cancer (CRC) screening and diagnosis.

Called the Academic Innovations Collaborative (AIC) Comprehensive, Accessible, Reliable, Exceptional and Safe (CARES) Initiative, the collaboration was built on the foundation of team-based care to improve patient safety in participating practice sites and systems by reducing missed and delayed diagnosis of cancer and reducing preventable harm for patients with complex care needs. READ MORE >

Effective Leadership of Surgical Teams: A Mixed Methods Study of Surgeon Behaviors and Functions

April 8, 2017

The importance of effective team leadership for achieving surgical excellence is widely accepted, but less is understood about the behaviors that achieve this goal. CRICO co-funded this research, which studied cardiac surgical teams to identify leadership behaviors that best support surgical teamwork. READ MORE >

Complementing Operating Room Teaching With Video-Based Coaching

April 1, 2017

In this era of reduced resident operative time and autonomy, intraoperative education may be supplemented by video-based coaching. CRICO was a co-funder of this study to see if post hoc video-based coaching is an effective modality for teaching residents to operate. READ MORE >

1-4 of (4) items