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MMIC Leverages Malpractice Claims Data to Improve Healthcare Delivery

January 26, 2016

MD News provides a look at the deep analysis by MMIC Group, in partnership with CRICO Strategies, of its medical liability claims data on surgical allegations. This study enabled MMIC to identify themes that result in the most common—and costliest— surgical cases.

Looking for Hots Spots in the Liability Danger Zones

January 16, 2016

Modern Healthcare explores how large claims databases, like the CRICO Strategies Comparative Benchmarking System, are helping physician practices become less vulnerable to large medical liability payouts.


Surgeons' Leadership Styles and Team Behavior in the Operating Room

January 11, 2016

Based on a CRICO-funded project, researchers used video to study the impact of leadership style on team behavior in the operating room. READ MORE >

Making A Mid-Career Transition

January 2, 2016

Yvonne Cheung, MD, MPH, shares with Physician Leadership Journal readers how CRICO’s committed funding for one of the nation’s first physician fellowships focused on quality and patient safety, helped her transition to the dedicated quality and patient safety leader that she is today. READ MORE >

Chief Medical Officers Help Insurers Navigate Today’s Stormy Healthcare Environment

January 1, 2016

CRICO’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Luke Sato, and MMIC Group’s CMO Laurie Drill-Mellum are among four CMOs who were interviewed by PIAA for their insights on key trends shaping the healthcare landscape. (See full PDF.)


1-5 of (5) items