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Preventing Medical Errors During Handoffs

December 4, 2013

In Research and Publication
Communication errors are a leading cause of unexpected occurrences involving death or serious physical injury, or the risk of. This study, co-funded by CRICO, sought to determine whether or not the implementation of a handoff bundle could reduce errors and prevent adverse events among hospitalized children. READ MORE >

Pilot Testing Model for Insurer Driven Large Scale Multicenter Sim Training for OR Teams

November 20, 2013

In Research and Publication
Failures in intraoperative teamwork are among the leading causes of preventable patient injury and death in surgical patients. CRICO sponsored this study to test the feasibility of implementing a standardized teamwork training program with full operating room teams in multiple institutions, driven by malpractice insurance support and incentives. READ MORE >

Talking with Patients about Other Clinicians’ Errors

October 31, 2013

In Research and Publication
This New England Journal of Medicine article reports on the outcome of a CRICO co-sponsored project which addresses the challenges clinicians face when disclosing medical errors involving other clinicians. READ MORE >

Improving CG-CAHPS, the Secret Sauce

October 25, 2013

The best way to improve clinician and group consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems scores is to to stop talking about them and just focus on what matters, says Richard Corder, AVP of Business Development at CRICO Strategies, in HealthStream’s inaugral issue of PX Advisor.


CRICO: A Case Study in Captive Development and Adaptation

October 25, 2013

Jack Mc Carthy, retired president of CRICO, discusses the organization’s  ground-breaking beginning and its  adaptability and evolution over the years -- including becoming a national leader in risk management and patient safety.


Primary Care Closed Claims Experience of Massachusetts Malpractice Insurers

September 30, 2013

In Research and Publication
A retrospective review of pooled closed claims data of two malpractice carriers (CRICO and Coverys) covering most Massachusetts physicians during a 5-year period (January 1, 2005, through December 31, 2009). READ MORE >

Taking Root Cause Analysis to the Next Level: From Rearview Mirror to Looking Out the Front Window

September 13, 2013

The evolution of RCAs at medical institutions is described by using the new Root Cause Analysis Information Exchange (RCAIE) established by CRICO’s Academic Medical Center Patient Safety Organization (AMC PSO). READ MORE >

Challenging EMR Complacency

September 13, 2013

In a recently released video, CRICO offers a vision of how EMRs of the future might improve healthcare safety for both patient and physician. READ MORE >

Chuck Lauer: Accountability

August 27, 2013

We hear a lot about “accountability” in health care. Richard Corder, AVP for CRICO Strategies, has thought a lot about what accountability is — including what it is not. He shares his inspiring views with author Chuck Lauer.


Disparities in Evaluation of Patients With Rectal Bleeding 40 Years and Older

July 23, 2013

In Research and Publication
Rectal bleeding is associated with colorectal cancer. This CRICO-sponsored research “characterized the evaluation of patients aged 40 years and older with rectal bleeding and identified characteristics associated with inadequate evaluation.” READ MORE >

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