Annual Event for Clinical Taxonomy Specialists

  • November 3, 2021 – November 4, 2021
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CRICO Strategies Virtual Event



November 3rd 12PM-5PM ET and
November 4th 11AM-4PM ET


As we all know, gathering each year for our annual collaborative is a highlight of the year! And, although we have decided that it’s best to gather virtually again this year, we are so looking forward to coming together and making connections at this year’s coders collaborative. Our shared experiences as a team, make our clinical taxonomy specialist community stronger and wiser.


This evidence-based, learning collaborative is designed to bring enhanced insights to your coding process, allowing you to ensure continued accuracy and consistency of your coded data and maximize the benefits of your organization’s investment in Candello.

Here are the highlights of this year’s event:

  • Overview of Taxonomy 2.0
  • Linking and Weighting Discussion
  • Failure to Rescue and the Clinical Futile Cycle

Open or Download the Full Agenda (pdf)



vvbatesVonda Vaden Bates, Patient Advocate & CEO of 10th Dot.
10th Dot is a company that coaches and trains individuals, teams, and organizations to perform their best. In 2013, Vonda decided to contribute her skills on behalf of safety in health care after researching how her husband, Yogiraj Charles Bates, died from one of the most common preventable causes of death, hospital-associated venous thromboembolism. Advocating for every person in the care system, Vonda brings a compassionate voice, strategic skills, and collaboration expertise to improve communication and safety in health care.

More information on speakers and the agenda are coming soon.

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