Need a release form? Use this one if you don't have your own.


Need CRICO Insurance Documents?

Find the forms to request a claim history or a proof of insurance for a clinician or employee whether insured or previously insured. Note that there is a small fee for claim history requests for employees or clinicians who are no longer insured.

Request a Proof of Insurance

While currently insured MDs can use the My CRICO portal to download their latest confirmation of insurance documents, there is now a form for all non or ex-MDs to make a request without logging into the portal.


Request a Proof of Insurance>>



Claims History Request

CRICO’s Underwriting department provides claims histories for physicians and employees—currently or formerly insured by CRICO.


Select the appropriate link on this page to request a claims history.


There is a $25 processing fee for requests members who are no longer insured by CRICO.


Request a Claims History>>