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Combined legal and medical perspectives, coupled with an anecdotal approach to the subject matter, make this an essential read for those who find themselves embroiled in a legal situation, or want an insider’s perspective of the inner workings of our justice system.
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A Guide for Physicians Entering Uncharted Waters

First released in 1993, the authors of Doctors & the Law have partnered once again to write an updated version of their book. Doctors, lawyers, and claims professionals will benefit from the combined wisdom of these lifelong friends: Hon. Hiller B. Zobel, a retired Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, and Stephen N. Rous, MD, Surgeon/Urologist and Emeritus Professor.

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My Legal

An engaging and informative look at the role of doctors in medical malpractice litigation. It not only guides you through the legal process, it provides invaluable suggestions to help you navigate what may be uncharted territory.

Pamela S. Gillman

Barton Gilman, LLP

Their practical analysis and advice, dealing with every aspect of the legal process, will be invaluable to any physician or lawyer involved in malpractice matters—and should indeed be required reading for any physician.

Kevin R. Loughlin, MD

Harvard Medical School

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