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Insights Newsletter Library: 2016

In the middle of each month, CRICO publishes a newsletter containing a top risk list,  and links to current content about claims or patient safety. Click the links below to view the detail of each issue.


Tom Delbanco, MD Shares his Passion for Transparency

Dr. Delbanco recently spoke with us about his involvement with OpenNotes.

Next Phase of Opening Doctor Notes to Patients

The “radical” idea of showing patients what their doctors write in their medical records is starting to catch on. Initially Harvard researchers for the OpenNotes project needed to win over the physicians and institutions. They were convinced, in part, by the fact that partial funding came from a medical professional liability insurer (CRICO).

Best Medical Practices 2016: Maximizing Skills, Minimizing Risks

Maximizing Skills, Minimizing Risk

A CME Course for CRICO-insured primary care physicians

As a primary care provider, you are often the first line of care for patients with increasingly complex health issues. Primary care physicians are at particularly high risk for malpractice suits because of a missed or delayed diagnosis (especially missed cancers).

Webinar: Talking with Patients and a Discussion of OpenNotes

Part of the Mitigating Diagnostic Risks in Primary Care webinar series, 6/15/17

What Patients Value About Reading Visit Notes: A Qualitative Inquiry of Patient Experiences With Their Health Information

Conducted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center researchers, this CRICO-supported study aimed to learn more about patient experiences with reading and providing feedback on their visit notes.

Adopting OpenNotes: Partnering with Patients

CRICO has been an early supporter of OpenNotes and has aided in the expansion of the project — a method to engage patients and increase transparency by sharing clinician notes with patients.

A CME module on the American Medical Association’s STEP Forward website, called Adopting OpenNotes: Partnering with Patients, outlines the concept of sharing visit notes with patients, step-by-step strategies in adopting OpenNotes, as well as provides tips for physicians and the entire care team to maximize the benefits of OpenNotes.

OpenNotes: How the Power of Knowing Can Change Health Care

In this 2017 NEJM Catalyst article, the pioneers of OpenNotes report that due to the project, “More than 11 million patients in the United States now have easy access to their physician’s notes through what has become a standard-of-care ‘movement.’”

Ethical Challenges Raised by OpenNotes for Pediatric and Adolescent Patients

A long-time supporter of the OpenNotes program, CRICO provided a grant to aid researchers in the development of best practices for clinicians who need to document confidential and sensitive information in the electronic health record of their pediatric and adolescent patients. 

OpenNotes Reporting Tool Engages Patients As Safety Partners

New CRICO-funded research from OpenNotes investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center suggests that offering patients a mechanism to provide feedback about their medical record notes further enhances engagement and can improve patient safety. 

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