The following list describes the key risk factors in colorectal cancer malpractice cases:

  1. Patient with rectal bleeding did not receive a prompt diagnostic evaluation
  2. Over-reliance on previously normal findings may lead to narrow diagnostic focus
  3. Breakdowns in screening protocol
  4. Primary care provider fails to refer symptomatic patient to specialist
  5. Breakdowns in diagnostic test ordering, scheduling
  6. Scheduled test not performed
  7. Patient’s informed refusal not documented
  8. Ordering or follow-up of screening/diagnostic procedures inadequately documented
  9. Narrow diagnostic focus, failure to establish differential diagnosis
  10. Abnormal finding not adequately evaluated
  11. Clinician does not convey to the patient the importance of keeping appointments for testing and follow up
  12. Multiple providers fail to coordinate care of a shared patient and communicate important information to patient and each other
  13. Patient is not notified of test results

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