The 2019 CRICO Breast Care Management Algorithm: A Decision Support Tool contains changes or enhancements in the following areas:


  • Changes to age-related screening recommendations for women at usual risk for breast cancer
  • Addition of recommendations regarding breast density
  • Addition of recommendation to consider breast MRI for women with >20% lifetime risk of breast cancer

Risk Management for Breast Care

  • Recommendations for periodic discussion with patients age 40–49 regarding breast cancer risk assessment
  • Guidance for supporting (average risk) patients with questions after they have been notified they have dense breasts

CRICO Malpractice Claims Data from 2008–2017

  • Current data on most frequently named physician specialties, patient age, and where in the process of care systems breakdowns occur

Risk Assessment

  • Streamlining the risk assessment process
  • Clarifying the role of genetic testing for women without a known predisposition to breast cancer
  • More information of risk prediction models

Spontaneous Nipple Discharge

  • Clarification regarding follow up to exam findings
  • Included breast density section

CRICO Breast Care Management Algorithm Test

  • This interactive 20 question test allows you to test your knowledge of this algorithm. When you submit your answers, the test will show you if you passed. The test will be posted later in 2019.


  • Supporting evidence was reviewed and updated

For questions about the CRICO Breast Care Management Algorithm, contact CRICO Senior Editor, Jock Hoffman.

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