What happens if you get sued?

Doctors and the Law

Learn more about what happens when you need to go to court.
Doctors and the Law
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More Frequently Asked Questions


    Employment Practice Liabilities

    CRICO has had an Association Liability (AL) program for over 25 years. However, in recent years the employment practice liability (EPL) portion has seen a significant risk in activity. This list has common questions about this program.
    doctor talking with a patient

    Adverse Event FAQ

    Common questions when things go wrong in the patient safety realm.
    informed consent doc to patient

    Informed Consent FAQs

    These questions will answer your concerns about patient refusal and informed consent.
    Cures Act FAQ folder image

    Cures Act FAQs

    Should clinicians change their approach to writing patient notes in light of the Cures Act?
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    Office Practice FAQs

    Advice for those working in or running an office practice.
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