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Request for Applications (RFA)

CRICO Attribution Statements Policy

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  • Saul Weingart, MD, PhD

CRICO/RMF’s grant funds have allowed us to make fundamental changes in our capacity to identify and monitor quality and safety information, and in our deployment of results management. These improvements are now embedded in our clinical practice and QI operations, and have created a foundation for future advances in ambulatory risk management and patient safety at Dana-Farber.

Former VP for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

CRICO Grants

CRICO is dedicated to helping its members and affiliated health care organizations improve the quality and safety of their patient care. CRICO offers grant awards to stimulate research and patient safety interventions related to this goal. 

Request for Applications

Grant proposals are accepted only during the official application time frame. CRICO will return any applications received after the deadline to the submitting investigator.

For more information, contact the Grants Team.


Important Dates:

  1. RFA Announced: Tuesday, August 9, 2016 
  2. Letter of Intent & Proposed Budget due:  Friday, September 23, 2016
  3. Full proposal and additional documents due: Friday, November 18, 2016
  4. Notice of Award announced: Spring 2017
  5. Earliest budget period start date: July 1st 2017

Apply for a Grant

For more information about materials required to apply, please visit our Grant Application page.

Who Should Apply?

CRICO’s grant team seeks proposals containing designs that further impact organization-wide risk related to patient safety issues. We encourage both young investigators and senior researchers to apply for funding and we support CRICO-member partnerships among potential investigators. 

Rules for Grant Awards

  • Applications must meet one of the designated focus areas.
  • The total budget and project period may not exceed 24-months per award. 
  • The total budget cannot exceed $200,000 per award including all indirect costs. (max 10%)
  • Indirect costs may not exceed 10% of Direct Costs per Award. Note: Indirect costs may be issued to subcontractors at a rate of 10%, but do not qualify as an additional Direct Cost for the applicant/prime institution administering the grant.
  • Principal Investigators must dedicate a minimum of 5% annualized effort.
  • Salaries cannot exceed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) salary cap in effect at the time of the grant’s commencement.
  • CRICO grant funds may not be used to purchase or support capital equipment.

Grant Application Submission Guidelines

  • Only CRICO members may apply.  
  • All research must be conducted at CRICO-member health care organizations with written support from the head of the department approving the Principal Investigator’s proposed project and request for funding.
  • Applicants must indicate any co-funding obtained if the proposed project requires greater than $200,000 to meet the aims of the project.
  • Applicants must provide all active Other Support for Key Personnel.