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  • Larry Smith
  • MedStar Health

Translating data from seemingly unique cases into a clinical process that triggers an awareness of clinical vulnerabilities is what brings these stories to life.

Coupling this with benchmarking data that demonstrates the significance of our vulnerabilities as compared with the rest of the world has made all the difference in engaging our providers in improvement efforts

Comprehensive Risk Intelligence Services (CRIS)

Partnership for Success. 


The Comprehensive Risk Intelligence Service (CRIS) is a full-service, ongoing partnership that uses your clinically coded claims data to inform your patient safety agenda. The service includes deep coding and detailed analysis of your malpractice claims, onsite presentations of findings and recommendations, participation in our national comparative benchmarking database (CBS), events, and invitations to our CME-accredited symposia.

CRIS ensures unique insight into the clinical and systemic issues driving your medical malpractice claims.  This actionable intelligence bolsters leadership presentations and strengthens your ability to focus financial and staffing resources on tangible solutions to improve patient safety.  Partnership through CRIS provides the essential building blocks for measurably safer care in your organization.

For 40 years, Harvard has used this approach to improve patient safety in high risk areas such as surgery, obstetrics, and—increasingly—cancer diagnosis. For example, in the 1990s, malpractice data analyses revealed an ongoing failure to promptly diagnose breast cancer. More detailed analysis, enabled by the in-depth coding process, guided Harvard’s clinical experts in creating a breast cancer screening algorithm targeted at the failures underlying claims. Bi-annual updates to the algorithm are enhanced by contemporary data reviews.