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Past Grants Announcements

  • Cambridge Health Alliance

Staff feel more empowered to speak up and we are seeing evidence of this during clinical shifts. Additionally, the training has been well received. Staff have been very outspoken in regard to the novelty of this course (i.e. “we’ve never seen anything like this before.”).

Grants Showcase Introduction

For the past several years, CRICO has provided funding through its grants program to support continued advancements aimed at improving patient safety. This program enabled many CRICO investigators to radically change how care is delivered. See highlights of some of our most recently funded efforts as well as some prior initiatives.

CRICO-Funded Programs

Results generated from CRICO supported grants are disseminated through academic journals, CRICO’s website and various media outlets. The following list provides ways to learn more about this work:

  • View the CRICO Press Room and look for the red grant flags to read about published work that was funded by CRICO.grant_icon
  • The Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions (CRICO) funds the HMS Fellowship in Patient Safety & Quality to train physician-scholars to lead operational improvement efforts.
  • The Grants Showcase home page continuously rotates content featuring Patient Safety efforts resulting from the support of the CRICO grants program.

2018 and 2019 Grant Recipients Across our Institutions

In these two years, the grant focus areas included:

  • 2017: diagnosis, performance of medical procedures, nursing, surgery, and emerging risks and then
  • 2018: patient assessment, management and performance of medical treatment (procedures performed outside the operating room), and clinical mental workload/well-being.

See the 21 awarded recipients.

2016 Grant Recipients Across our Institutions

In 2016, the grant focus areas included: patient engagement, issues related to missed and delayed diagnosis, and systems expansion risks. See the 10 awarded recipients.