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CRICO Grants Showcase

CRICO has provided funding through its grants program to support continued advancements aimed at improving patient safety. CRICO investigators radically change how care is delivered. See highlights of some of our funded initiatives. More>>

Expecting Diagnosis Errors

In a talk titled “Diagnostic Errors in Medicine” in Boston, Dr. Gordon Schiff offers clinicians a variety of methods to anticipate diagnosis errors and prevent them. It’s from a day-long course on patient safety and risk management in primary care on October 13, 2018 in Boston



‘Grass Roots’ Research Sprouts From Harvard Medmal Data

In 2016, CRICO hosted a “Research Day” to highlight more than 17 past and current projects supported through the insurer’s grant program via RFAs. This event facilitated the cross-fertilization of ideas and feedback across its patient safety research community.grant_icon


Can Access to Doctor Notes Help Patients Find Mistakes, Recall Care Plans?

Video podcast: A program called “OpenNotes” gives patients direct access to the notes their doctors wrote in their charts. Will they find mistakes and better understand their care plans with this new tool? grant_icon


Harvard Primary Care Sites Collaborate on Innovations in Patient Safety, Quality

For two years, The HMS Center for Primary Care partnered with CRICO, to “move the needle” in four areas of ambulatory care. A key success factor: funding so personnel from the 28 practices could meet off-site to collaborate with each other. Watch participants share how this project transformed their practices, and continues to fuel collaboration to prevent medical harm and promote care improvements.grant_icon


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