5 Ways to Celebrate Patient Safety

In recognition of Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 13–19), here are five CRICO resources to help keep your patients safe and mitigate your risk.

  1. Are You Safe? Case Studies: These case studies are designed to help multidisciplinary teams reduce the risk of patient harm during diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Structured Patient Handoffs: Researchers show a link between patient handoff failures and med mal cases, and how harm could be prevented by use of a structured handoff.
  3. Documentation Best Practices: Protect your patients, your team, and yourself by following these guidelines when writing your clinical notes.
  4. Patient Safety Library: Browse our extensive library of patient safety insights by topic and specialty.
  5. Nursing: Nursing is an essential element of any patient safety improvement effort. Clear communication, documentation, and teamwork all contribute to a safer care environment.

For additional resources, visit our Patient Safety Awareness page.

Lack of Follow Up for Incidental Finding Results in Poor Outcome for Patient

A physician did not order follow up tests for a 58-year-old patient’s abnormal CT scan, nor informed the patient about the abnormal finding. The patient was later diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and renal cancer.

What went wrong?
Dr. Lisa Ferzoco

Women in Patient Safety Video

In this short clip from 2013, Dr. Lisa Ferzoco from the Cambridge Health Alliance talks about the uncertainty and challenges that she has faced in the ever-changing world of medicine.


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