CRICO Insights: October 2016

Five Routes to Safer Breast Care Management


Refer to decision support tools (like this one) to avoid delays in ordering test and referrals.


Use a checklist to ensure capture of family history updates.


Get alerts for patient follow-up gaps.


Flag and track any abnormal findings.


Share your reasoning with the patient & referral clinicians.

Navigating Risks in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Best Medical Practices: CMEs for PCPs

Our 2016 course for CRICO-insured primary care physicians, Maximizing Skills, Minimizing Risk, will be held on Saturday, November 5. Register now...

Does the Legal System Cull Bad Claims?

How well does the legal system weed out claims of medical negligence that have no merit? Are so-called “frivolous claims” common? David Studdert found out...

Safety Salute: Cambridge Health Alliance

Much of our day-to-day work centers on how things can and do go horribly wrong in the health care setting. But in this case, it was a display of basic humanity by this exemplary clinical team that made all the difference. The impact of compassion...


Breast Lump Wrongly Followed With Screening Test

A year after noticing a lump and having a mammogram, the patient was diagnosed with a stage IV, invasive, ductile breast cancer. What went wrong?


Research Sprouts from Harvard Medmal Data

Recipients of CRICO’s patient safety grants gathered to share their successes and lessons and to spur inspiration across our community. Hear from the researchers...

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