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  • Mark E. Reynolds
  • President, CRICO

The CBS Reports represent an extraordinary partnership among those who contribute data, share experiences, inspire analyses, and implement solutions to the problems we uncover. As we explore the communication failures exposed in the 2015 Report, we should work together to enhance communication skills and systems for providers in all phases of health care delivery.

  • Heather Riah
  • AVP, CRICO Strategies

Our 2015 CBS Report looks at 7,149 cases in which facts, figures, or findings got lost between the individuals who had that information and those who needed it—across the spectrum of health care services and settings.

Communication difficulties are not isolated to providers lacking “people skills” or patients with language or comprehension deficits. Nor is the problem exclusive to communication that is misspoken or misunderstood: errors often occur because information is unrecorded, misdirected, never received, never retrieved, or ignored. Every mode and system by which patients and caregivers share health-related information is vulnerable to failure.

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