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Insights Newsletter Library

In the middle of each month, CRICO publishes a newsletter containing a top risk list,  and links to current content about claims or patient safety. Click the links below to view the detail of each issue.


Doctors & the Law   

A CRICO Book Publication

Combined legal and medical perspectives, coupled with an anecdotal approach to the subject matter, make Doctors & the Law an essential read for those who find themselves embroiled in a legal situation, or want an insider’s perspective of the inner workings of our justice system. 

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Strategies for Patient Safety (SPS)

Each month, Strategies for Patient Safety explores the myriad ways 30-plus years of analyzing medical malpractice data can guide physicians and nurses practicing amidst today’s patient safety risks.


Patient Safety Alerts Library

Each AMC PSO Patient Safety Alert takes an in-depth look at one or two topics such as Patient Falls and Results Management. Visit our library to see the available reports and fill out a form to receive a PDF of one or more issues.