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When Things Go Wrong Film Preview

This frank and moving film features eight patients and their families sharing the impacts of medical error on their lives. Their searing insights offer ideas for improving the healthcare system and patient/provider communication.


Surgeons and Error Disclosure

We found that the surgeons did the best in the area of explaining the medical facts of the event. But they struggled in other areas: taking responsibility for the event, apologizing for the event, and explaining to the patients about how recurrences of the error would be prevented. CONTINUE READING >

Health Payment Reform Act: Rules to Protect Providers

Health providers in Massachusetts have new protections and new rules to follow, after a state medical error disclosure and apology law went into effect in November 2012.


Our Approach to Disclosure of Medical Error and Compensation

CRICO encourages honest and informed communications between clinicians and patients regarding all aspects of medical care, and delivers expert guidance and support in the wake of medical error.