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Standards for Residents Same as Senior Physicians

A number of important legal rulings have held that attendings are not responsible for the acts of other health care professionals. But they must assign tasks appropriate to the individual's range of capabilities and provide adequate supervision. Where a resident is permitted to perform a procedure or oversee a course of treatment, these cases show that the patient and the courts will expect that the resident is at a level of training and experience to adequately do so.


Adding Structure for Safer Handoffs

Even the best care in medicine can be undermined when responsibility for the patient is transferred from one provider to the next. Hand-offs—both within the hospital and upon discharge—are the subject of increasing attention by malpractice insurers and patient safety researchers.



Cardiac Follow-up Recommendation Neglected

A 55-year-old male suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, resulting in severe neurologic deficits, following an ED visit, admission, and transfer, in which heart evaluation was recommended but never done. CONTINUE READING >