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Meet Your Defense Team (Video Series)


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Meet Your Defense Team (Video Series)

By Tom A. Augello, CRICO

Related to: Claims

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Senior medical consultants, master claims representatives, attorneys and more. These people take it personally when a CRICO-insured provider is sued. Protecting assets and reputations requires a team of seasoned professionals with a sterling track record. Together they marshal the resources needed to reach a just outcome for both sides. 

Every role is different. Each is necessary. 

Watch defense team members describe what they do, how a CRICO defense is unique, how it is put together, and what inspires them.

Beth Cushing

Beth Cushing, Esq., Senior Vice President, Claims

View the video and learn about her role in managing the entire CRICO claims department. Learn what CRICO does differently than other organizations and why it is effective.



Patty Hanks, RN, Master Claim Representative

View the video and learn about her role as the “hub of the wheel” in each of her cases, accompanying defendants, finding resources, and answering questions. Her clients always feel better after they hear from her.


John Cassidy

John Cassidy, Senior Partner, Ficksman & Conley, LLP

View the video of a top medical malpractice defense attorney describing how health providers can aid their own defense and know when to rely on their lawyer's judgment. He explains how CRICO case management and resource allocation are best in class, giving him the best chance to win the case.


Linda Howell

Linda Howell, Senior Medical Consultant

View the video and learn how medical experts are identified and used effectively to defend the care or help determine if a settlement is more appropriate. She knows what she is asking when she recruits a medical expert, but tells us what motivates her staff.


Peter McCormack

Peter McCormack, Senior Claims Manager

View the video and learn about his role and how he manages each claim with what a CRICO-represented physician once called, “a well equipped army prepared to converge on what needs to be dealt with.”


April 23, 2014
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