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Medical Malpractice Webinar, OR Fire Guidelines, Mental Health Awareness Month and More


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Medical Malpractice Webinar, OR Fire Guidelines, Mental Health Awareness Month and More

By Alison Anderson, Missy Padoll, Wallinda Hutson, CRICO

Related to: Claims, Clinical Guidelines, Primary Care, Publications

CRICO Insights: May 2022

Heighten Your Risk Awareness for Suicide in Young Patients

Mental health has declined during the pandemic, especially among youth. In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, we share these factors—correlated with a greater likelihood of suicide risk for adolescents and young adults (under 30)—which can be used as a screen or to heighten risk awareness.


Family history of suicide


Males > females


History of previous attempts


Native American


Psychiatric diagnosis: mood disorders and substance abuse


White > Black


Mini-suicide epidemic in patient’s community


History of delinquent or semi-delinquent behavior even without depression in current mental state


Presence of firearms (when other factors are present)



Read more about the screening factors.



court room image

Understanding the Medical Malpractice Defense Process Webinar

On June 22nd at 12 pm, we are hosting a free CME seminar about what happens after you report an adverse event. This webinar will be hosted by our experts, Peter McCormack and Kerri Sanclemente.

Register now...


harried employee

Misogyny in the Workplace

A female coworker had her raise rescinded after she reported her boss’s misogynistic comments. She decided to file a claim alleging gender discrimination, a hostile work environment, and violation of the Equal Pay Act.

See the case study...


women thinking


For This Patient, Opioids for Pain Resulted in Suicide, Court Settlement

This podcast episode looks at how prescribers can help prevent tragedy with a more careful conversation when a patient is “handed off” from one specialty to another.

What went wrong?


Clinicians in an OR (operating room)

Patient Safety Guidance for Perioperative Fire Safety

Our AMC PSO Task Force identified and analyzed factors within the fire risk assessment process that potentially could increase the risk of an OR fire. They also considered factors that could reduce the risk of an OR fire, including elements of the process that could be standardized to improve reliability.

Get the guideline...

May 23, 2022
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