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Breast Care Management Algorithm

The CRICO Breast Care Management Algorithm is designed to support a provider’s professional judgment and should not be construed as a standard of care.

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Physician-patient Discussion and Take Home Points Related to Breast Patient Safety

Pin up these tips surrounding breast care and breast patient safety.


Improving Breast Patient Safety: Algorithm Introduction

The CRICO Algorithm is designed to help providers of primary breast care appropriately use available diagnostic tools. The provider is expected to gather information such as family history, atypia on previous biopsy, thoracic radiation before age 30, and reproductive risk factors to determine if changes to normal screening, or a referral to high-risk counseling, is indicated.


Breast Cancer Assessment

Periodic assessment of cancer risk is an essential aspect of breast-related health care. The CRICO Algorithm offers guidance on the key components of assessments for asymptomatic patients.


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