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OB Guidelines Home Page

The recommendations for practice were arrived at through careful consideration of the available evidence and should be considered as thoughtful, expert advice.

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Challenge: Take the OB Clinical Guidelines Test

Take this test and see if you already follow these best practices from the Obstetrical Services of the CRICO-insured Institutions.


Obstetrics Guidelines Introduction

The Clinical Guidelines for Obstetrical Services at CRICO-insured Institutions are intended to provide guidance for clinicians and to support the safest maternal and fetal outcomes for patients receiving care in CRICO-insured medical institutions.


Sample OB Consent Forms & Appendices

View just the OB Guidelines Appendices.  Also, download and pring the sample consent forms  extracted from 2017 CRICO Guidelines for Obstetrical Providers


Obstetrics Guidelines Listing

Easily navigate this web-based version of the OB guidelines 1–35 and the sample form appendices A–H. The OB Guidelines PDF is also available on this page if you want to read or print it in booklet form. (2017 version available)


More Guideline Content