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Changes in 2014: Clinical Guidelines for the OB Services


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Changes in 2014: Clinical Guidelines for the OB Services

Related to: Clinical Guidelines, Communication, Diagnosis, Informed Consent, Nursing, Obstetrics

Based on the recommendations of our advisory committee and the feedback we captured from last year's test, the 2014 version of  Clinical Guidelines for the Obstetrical Services of the CRICO-insured, contains changes or enhancements in the following areas: 

  1. Organization and Description

    • CRICO has enhanced the material and regrouped the guidelines so that they are more intuitively organized.
    • We have added a guideline home page to help you see at-a-glance, the areas that make up the guideline as well as the supporting features such as references to the Patient Safety Program and the test.
    • Please note that we do not have a Spanish consent form set in this publication.
  2. Test

    • This interactive 50 question test for OB Test Physician and for non-Physicians (CNMs, PAs, etc) allows you to test your knowledge of this set of guidelines. When you submit your answers, the test will show you if you passed and present you with a personalized CME certificate for your records.
  3. References

    • The supporting evidence was reviewed and updated.

May 1, 2014
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