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CRICO OB Guidelines: Contents


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The 2014 revisions to the Clinical Guidelines for the Obstetrical Services of the CRICO-insured Institutions were guided by a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians, including obstetricians, nurse leaders, nurse midwives, and anesthesiologists from several CRICO-insured institutions. The clinical chiefs of the obstetrical departments of the CRICO-insured institutions have approved the current version of these guidelines.

Contents of the OB Guidelines

Also see the CRICO Informed FAQs.

CRICO Obstetrical Services Guidelines Advisory Committee

Alexandra Shea, CNM, BWH
Allyson Preston, MD, NSMC
Colleen Mannering, CNM, HVMA
DeWayne Pursley, MD, BIDMC
Edwin Huang, MD, MAH
Elizabeth Buechler, MD, HVMA
Fredric Frigoletto, Jr, MD, MGH
Jock Hoffman, CRICO
Judy Wolberg, RN, BWH
Julian Robinson, MD, NWH
Leslie Ludka, CNM, CHA
Leslie MacDonald, MD, MAH
Lisa Cavallaro, RN, NSMC
Lisa Leffert, MD, MGH
Louise Wilkins-Haug, MD, BWH
Margi Coggins, CNM, MAH
Maria Smyth, RN, MAH

Marie Henderson, CNM, MGH
Mary Collari, CNM, NSMC
Mary Gosney, CNM, HVMA
Michael Reich, MD, NSMC
Nicole Smith, MD, BWH
Philip Hess, MD, BIDMC
Robert Insoft, MD, BWH
Ronald Marcus, MD, BIDMC
Roxane Gardner, MD, CRICO
Ruth Tuomala, MD, BWH
Stephen Pratt, MD, BIDMC
Steven Ralston, MD, BIDMC
Susan Caffrey, CNM, MGH
Thomas Beatty, MD, NWH
Toni Golen, MD, BIDMC
William Barth, MD, MGH
William Camann, MD, BWH




May 1, 2014
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