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Colorectal Cancer Cases

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Risk Management Key Factors for Colorectal Cancer


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Risk Management Key Factors for Colorectal Cancer

Related to: Claims, Clinical Guidelines, Diagnosis, Documentation, Primary Care, Other Specialties

The following list describes the key risk factors in colorectal cancer malpractice cases:

  • Patients with rectal bleeding did not receive a prompt diagnostic evaluation
  • Routine screening not recommended
  • Routine screening ordered but not followed up
  • Diagnostic test ordered, but not scheduled
  • Diagnostic test scheduled, but not performed
  • Ordering or follow-up of screening or diagnostic procedures not documented
  • Narrow diagnostic focus
  • Abnormal finding not adequately evaluated
  • Clinician does not convey to the patient the importance of keeping appointments for testing and follow-up
  • Multiple providers for the same patient fail to properly communicate important information
  • Patient is not notified of test results
  • Informed refusal not documented
  • Important clinical information missing from clinical note

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March 4, 2014
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