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Consultation Through the Eyes of an Internist


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Consultation Through the Eyes of an Internist

By Debbie LaValley, BSN, RN, CRICO

Related to: Communication, Diagnosis, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Other Specialties, Surgery

Debbie LaValley interviews Dr. Joe Jacobson.

  • Ms. LaValley is a Program Director in the Loss Prevention and Patient Safety Department at CRICO/RMF and is the issue editor for the September 2009 Forum.

  • Joseph Jacobson, MD, trained as a hematologist/oncologist, serves as a practicing clinician, administrator, and in various quality-related roles at North Shore Medical Center (Massachusetts), Partners HealthCare, and with the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Since 2003, Dr. Jacobson has served as Chairman of the Department of Medicine for North Shore Medical Center.

September 1, 2009
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