• 2000Days_Blog

    2000 Days

    by Melissa A. DeMayo, MSN, RN, LNC | 02/08/2022

    In 2013, the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center Post-Anesthesia Care Unit saw an increase in safety event reporting related to lab specimen labeling errors. As a result of their response, they recently marked 2000 days without this same error.

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  • kciht

    Safety Salute: Brigham and Women’s Hospitalist Recognized for Inter-hospital Transfer Research

    by Reed Stiller, Jeff Timperi | 08/14/2021

    The transfer of patients between acute care hospitals (known as inter-hospital transfer, or IHT) occurs regularly: over 100,000 hospitalized Medicare patients undergo IHT yearly, with greater frequency among patients who require specialized care. While often necessary, IHT practices vary and can expose patients to gaps in the continuity of care – which can lead to poor and/or incomplete communication regarding care of the patient during transfer.

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  • BILH Video

    Pandemic Reflections

    by Missy Padoll | 04/29/2021

    For those of us working in health care, we knew at the end of 2019 that a serious situation was evolving. By January 2020, regular discussions were underway regarding use of precautions as reports of infected individuals grew. But no one fully appreciated that this emerging virus would so quickly become a once-in-a-century pandemic.


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  • HaoBlog

    Safety Salute: Life as a Mass General Anesthesia Resident

    by Kelsey Damrad, Massachusetts General Hospital | 08/14/2020

    Mass General anesthesia resident David Hao, MD, discusses the hospital's response to COVID-19 and shares his hopes for the future.

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  • Wiggins_Blog

    Transparent Face Masks Offer Safe and Effective Communication Solution for Hearing Impaired Patients

    by Brigham & Women's Hospital | 05/21/2020

    With the COVID-19 epidemic and the requirement for all staff to wear face masks, Wiggins and his team raised the concern that more transparent face masks would be needed to support this patient population during COVID-19.

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  • BWHBlog

    The Power of the Picture

    by Hojjat Salmasian, MD, MPH, PHD | 01/22/2020

    Innovations in patient safety do not have to be complicated. Sometimes, a solution to ensuring patients receive the right treatment is as simple as having their photograph taken and displayed in their electronic health record.

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  • kcblogbchvaping

    Safety Salute: Boston Children’s Hospital Fights Back against Youth Vaping

    by Lisa D. Ellis | 10/31/2019

    A growing number of middle school and high school students today all across the country are using e-cigarettes (also called vapes and JUULs). In the process, they are putting themselves at risk for addiction, damage to their pulmonary system, and possibly even death. Boston Children’s Hospital is educating clinicians and families about these dangers to try to keep more young people safe.

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  • kcbloghuddle

    Huddling for Safety

    by Lisa Ellis | 07/31/2019

    Many health system today follow a culture of safety. And for a growing number of them, daily safety huddles are becoming an integral part of these efforts.

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  • kc_blog_2018_tpad

    Researchers Design System to Alert Physicians of Tests Pending at Discharge Needing Action

    by Adam Schaffer, MD, MPH and Anuj K. Dalal, MD | 08/01/2018

    Inpatient physicians face a deluge of test results that come back on their patients. This is an ongoing challenge—and potential patient safety risk—that is proving to be a difficult problem to solve.

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  • HRM-Week-03-tw

    Patient Safety Salute: Health Care Risk Managers

    by sitecore\katy | 06/18/2018

    In recognition of ASHRM’s Healthcare Risk Management Week, we salute all the health care risk managers dedicated to patient safety.

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