• blackhistorymonth

    A Rich History of Contributions

    by Reed Stiller | 02/26/2021

    The contributions of some of Boston’s most important black physicians have often been overlooked, which is why in honor or Black History Month we have chosen to recognize some of the most influential black health care providers in the city’s history.

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  • VirusStopsMask

    The 100 Day Mask Challenge

    by Missy Padoll | 01/26/2021

    As representatives of the patient safety community, it is in our best interest to champion President Biden's 100 Day Mask Challenge, working together to leverage the many creative efforts available to help support the President’s challenge and encourage everyone to MASK UP!

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  • Wiggins_Blog

    Transparent Face Masks Offer Safe and Effective Communication Solution for Hearing Impaired Patients

    by Brigham & Women's Hospital | 05/21/2020

    With the COVID-19 epidemic and the requirement for all staff to wear face masks, Wiggins and his team raised the concern that more transparent face masks would be needed to support this patient population during COVID-19.

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