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    The Power of the Picture

    by Hojjat Salmasian, MD, MPH, PHD | 01/22/2020

    Innovations in patient safety do not have to be complicated. Sometimes, a solution to ensuring patients receive the right treatment is as simple as having their photograph taken and displayed in their electronic health record.

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  • CRICO Seeks Proposals for Innovative Patient Safety Research

    by Amanda Maninos | 09/09/2015

    CRICO is dedicated to helping its members and affiliated health care organizations improve the quality and safety of their patient care. CRICO offers grant awards to stimulate research and patient safety interventions related to this goal.

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  • February Safety Salute | Ambulatory Risk Management Program

    by Katharine Schuler, CRICO | 02/17/2015

    Recognizing an uptick in ambulatory malpractice claims, in 2010, CRICO convened a group of patient safety leaders from member institutions to discuss the issue and see what might be done collectively to combat this emerging risk.

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