• Stiller Blog Post

    Patient Voice: Fighting the Fear of a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis

    by Reed Stiller | 10/16/2020

    A triple negative breast cancer survivor tells her story of overcoming the fear of the diagnosis, and the health care professionals who helped her along the way.

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  • bcastrip

    Updated Breast Care Management Algorithm

    by Jock Hoffman | 06/29/2019

    Failure to diagnose breast cancer affects CRICO-insured providers across a spectrum of specialties. To reduce the likelihood of such events, a task force of breast care specialists and primary care physicians, coordinated by CRICO, identified the key factors contributing to allegations of mismanaged breast care and subsequently developed the CRICO Breast Care Management Algorithm. In May 2019, the Algorithm was updated.

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  • TAndronjpeg

    October Safety Salute | Nurses

    by Tricia Andron, Guest Blogger | 10/14/2015

    On Monday I sat in the lobby of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for 14 hours. For the first time, I was on the other side of the fence—waiting for a loved one to come through surgery, as has been done for me numerous times over the past four years.

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