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Strategies clients benefit from use of products and services that reduce medical error and malpractice exposure. Learn more about the CRICO Strategies offerings on their website.
Michael_Paskavitz_WEB Michael Paskavitz Vice President FULL BIO >
Jonathan_Einbinder Jonathan Einbinder, MD Vice President for Advanced Data Analytics and Coding FULL BIO >
John_Swift_web John Swift, MBA Director Systems and Software FULL BIO >
Dana_Siegal_web_©Ken_Kotch Dana Siegal, RN, CPHRM, CPPS Director of Patient Safety FULL BIO >
David_Whitley_WEB David Whitley Director of Growth and Innovation FULL BIO >
Jeremy_Hutner_web Jeremy Hutner Senior Technical Project Leader FULL BIO >
Penny_Greenberg_WEB Penny Greenberg, MS, RN, CPPS Senior Program Director for Patient Safety Services FULL BIO >
Gretchen_Ruoff_WEB Gretchen Ruoff, MPH, CPHRM, CPPS Senior Program Director for Patient Safety Services FULL BIO >
Katy_Schuler_web Katharine Schuler Marketing & Social Media Manager FULL BIO >
Paul_Bardelli_web Paul Bardelli Implementation Analyst/Engineer FULL BIO >
Marcus_Boggis_WEB Marcus Boggis, MBA Senior Systems & Software Analyst FULL BIO >
Winnie_Yu_web Winnie Yu, MBA, MA Data Analytics Manager FULL BIO >
Michelle-Bondurant Michelle Bondurant, RN, CP Clinical Taxonomy Manager FULL BIO >
Ann_Doherty_web Ann Doherty, RN, CCM Senior Clinical Taxonomy Specialist FULL BIO >
Annette_Pierro_WEB Annette Pierro Executive Assistant FULL BIO >