Impact of the 80-Hour Resident Workweek on Surgical Residents and Attending Surgeons

  • June 1, 2006

This study, supported in part by a grant for Quality and Safety Systems Analysis from CRICO/Risk Management Foundation, discovered that although resident quality of life improved, there was no impact on quality of patient care, and several concerns were raised about the training of future surgeons. 


Researchers reported, “Results from four, concurrent, prospective studies at a single academic institution were designed to provide in-depth analyses of the impact of the 80-hour resident workweek restrictions on both surgical residents and attending surgeons.”


Citation for the Full-text Article

Hutter MM,  Kellogg KC, Ferguson CM, Abbott WM, Warshaw AL. The impact of the 80-hour resident workweek on surgical residents and attending surgeons. Annual Surgery. 2006; 243: 864-871.
doi:  10.1097/01.sla.0000220042.48310.66