CRICO SPREAD Meeting Highlights Grant Research

  • December 10, 2021
  • | 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM |
  • Zoom (link available upon registration)



CRICO is dedicated to helping its members and affiliated health care organizations improve the quality and safety of patient care. Our grant program awards funds to stimulate research and patient safety interventions related to this goal. Findings from ongoing and completed projects will be shared. Our goal is to evaluate lessons learned and explore future directions for patient safety research. We look forward to your participation.






Karim Awad, MD and Craig Monsen, MD
Measuring Clinician Workload: Reducing Physician Burnout by Using an Efficiency Dashboard


Joshua Joseph, MD MS
Machine-Learning Derived Triage Score for Emergency Department Workload and Error Risk


Dashboards/Early Warning/Diagnosis


Aaron Aguirre, MD, PhD
An early-warning system to prevent adverse events in hospitalized patients after cardiac surgery

Anuj Dalal, MD
Impact of an Epic-integrated safety dashboard and interactive pre-discharge checklist on post-discharge adverse events

Mitchell Feldman, MD
Artificial Intelligence to Enhance a Cognitive Aid for identifying patients at Risk of Missed Diagnosis


Medical Treatment/Procedural Safety


Krish Ramachandran, MD
Concise Out of Operating room Interprofessional in-Situ Exercises (CONCISE)

Raul Uppot, MD
To Develop and Test Feasibility of CADI (Clinical Assist Decision Interface): A Verbal Electronic Surgical Safety Checklist for the Intensive Care Unit




Celeste Royce, MD
Reducing Diagnostic Error: A Case Based Critical Thinking Curriculum



You can view past examples of our research in action on the Grants Funding in Action section of our grants home page or by looking for the red grants icon in the news listing.