Patient Safety Adoption Framework & Guidance

Implementation can make or break a patient safety initiative.

Many patient safety initiatives have successfully reduced harm in individual facilities and organizations, but the implementation, sustainment, and spread of these initiatives continues to lag across the health care system generally. Effectively integrating patient safety initiatives into the day-to-day work of a hospital or office practice requires a clear, simple, and structured implementation approach supported by leadership and the necessary resources. To address this implementation gap, CRICO — through a Patient Safety Adoption Framework Ad Hoc Committee — worked with Ariadne Labs to create Patient Safety Adoption Framework & Guidance for achieving the key elements of implementation.


The Framework can be used to guide implementation by ensuring that key elements are addressed; by providing leadership, implementation teams, and others with a shared language and understanding of implementation for communicating and planning together; and by assessing readiness for implementation and targeting areas needing improvement with the accompanying implementation readiness questions. The Framework also contains elements that have been found to be key factors to sustain patient safety initiatives. Implementation can make or break a patient safety initiative; this framework provides a strategy for implementation success.


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