Medical Malpractice: Why is it so Hard for Doctors to Apologize?

  • January 27, 2013

Dr. Luke Sato oversees a team that studies data in malpractice claims at CRICO ... Over the past 30 years, the team has created a taxonomy of medical errors, with hundreds of codes for everything from “failure to identify provider coordinating care” (CS1001) to “policy/protocol not followed” (AD1026). — Boston Globe Magazine.

Since 1990, CRICO has been analyzing claims from 520 health systems around the country that employ more than 75,000 physicians. The database it has created—the Comparative Benchmarking System—is the most detailed repository of malpractice data in the world. “This can transform the system of care,” says Mark Reynolds, CRICO’s current president. “If I had to be bold, I’d say our data mining largely explains why our claims rates are lower than other regions.”

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Sanghavi D.  “Medical malpractice: Why is it so hard for doctors to apologizeBoston Globe Magazine. January 27, 2013:16-21