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Reveal the hidden power of data with our CRICO Strategies products and services.

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CRICO Strategies is a division of the Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions, Inc., a CRICO company. Established in 1998, Strategies extends CRICO’s patient safety mission through broad dissemination of products and services designed to reduce medical error and malpractice exposure.

Powerful analytics help clinical and patient safety leaders produce actionable reports, compare against peers, track and trend areas of loss and case expenditures, and drill down into those areas to gain a deeper understanding of the contributing factors and root causes.

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From the initial risk assessment (RAP) to our proprietary clinical coding and detailed analysis (CRIS), Strategies’ services deliver data-driven intelligence that provide unique insight into the vulnerabilities that present risk to your patients and providers.


Strategies’ Risk Intelligence Tools harness the power of medical malpractice data to identify signals of vulnerabilities, identify opportunities to improve patient safety, and catalyze change for optimal risk reduction.