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Comparative Benchmarking for MedStar Health

After the 1999 IOM Report alerted MedStar to the impact of medical errors across the country, CRICO Strategies partnered with MedStar to help them understand specific safety vulnerabilities in their hospitals and develop targeted interventions to improve care in high risk areas.


Our findings and interventions.


White Paper

The full report of CRICO Strategies' analysis of MedStar.

Clinical review and comparative analysis of MedStar’s medical professional liability (MPL) profile revealed MedStar’s unique patient care challenges and empowered leaders to intervene on key risk.

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clinical judgment and communication challenges in labor and delivery ID’d as key source of harm


  • standardized OB clinical protocols and embedded clinical decision support in EHR
  • simulation-based OB Training with scenarios based on MedStar’s actual MPL claims
  • implementation of interdisciplinary huddles for laboring patients





missed diagnosis of atraumatic spinal cord compressions in the ED driving harm and losses


  • web-based learning program to enhance diagnosis and treatment of atraumatic spinal cord compression
  • clinical pathway for diagnosis and treatment of spinal cord compressions embedded in EHR
  • creation of STAT order sheet to facilitate communication between ordering provider and MRI suite