International Coverage
Find out how CRICO covers you for practicing medicine overseas.

If you practice medicine outside of the United States, you should know that CRICO provides you with malpractice coverage for those activities. You are covered for suits brought (almost*) anywhere in the world. We expanded our current international coverage and our global response network to defend you should the need arise. CRICO International provides medical professional liability and advisory/consulting activities (errors and omissions) coverage.

If you are engaged in international activities such as:

  • Humanitarian Missions,
  • Educational/Teaching Activities, or
  • Foreign Assignments

... you are covered, and no action is required.

If you are engaged in international consulting/advisory services 
… some requirements apply.

When preparing for travel:

  • Consult with foreign colleagues for their local requirements.
  • Check with your sponsoring organization for its requirements.

Coverage Summary

For medical professional liability: CRICO-insured clinicians and employees are covered outside the U.S. This international coverage—formerly restricted to humanitarian, charitable, or educational activities—now covers international health care activities regardless of purpose. As long as you are already insured by CRICO, no further action is required.

For consulting/advisory (errors and omissions) liability: CRICO-insured clinicians and employees with international consulting contracts approved by their CRICO sponsoring organization are covered for errors and omissions provided their sponsor has Association Liability coverage. To ensure international consulting/advisory coverage through CRICO, you may need to consult your CRICO sponsor’s Office of General Counsel or your Insurance Manager. Please note that the errors and omissions coverage is not extended to individual physician consulting/advisory contracts to which a CRICO sponsor is not a party.

Note: Coverage does not apply for activities performed in countries or territories excluded by the United States Treasury Department Office Of Foreign Assets Control.

Travel Details

Activities in a foreign country may require compliance with local statutes and regulations, including local medical licensing requirements, visas, local insurance, and other legal requirements. Your sponsoring institution’s requirements for international activities are the first level of obligation to understand. In general:

  1. Consult with the inviting institution for their local requirements. This might include local medical licensing requirements, insurance and other regulatory requirements specific to that country.
  2. Consult your CRICO sponsoring organization for its specific requirements when planning your international activity. For insurance matters, the primary contact will be the Insurance Manager’s office; for contractual matters the primary contact is your institution’s Office of General Counsel.
  3. Contact CRICO Underwriting for any unresolved questions or concerns at 617.450.8219 or by e-mail to [email protected].

Who to Contact/Procedure for Reporting a Claim

In the event of an adverse event, any claim, or a threat of claim, immediately contact Elizabeth Cushing of the CRICO Claims Department at 617.450.5529 or Carl Kallenberg at 617.450.5536 as well as your institutional risk manager.

Alternately, click your your support team page and reach out to your dedicated Claims contact.

Coverage Details

International Medical Professional Liability (MPL) Coverage

  • To initiate international MPL coverage: the physician must receive approval from their Chief and institution. Once the institution is aware of and approves this activity, coverage is automatic for clinicians with CRICO MPL coverage.
  • Provides claims-made coverage for medical malpractice claims/suits brought outside the U.S., its territories or possessions, or Canada. [NOTE: COVERAGE DOES NOT APPLY TO COUNTRIES OR TERRITORIES EXCLUDED BY THE UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL.]
  • Coverage limits for International MPL are $2 million per event and an annual physician maximum limit of $2 million.
  • International MPL coverage is extended to those physicians (including residents and fellows) and employed individuals insured under the domestic CRICO MPL policy and acting within the scope of their professional duties.
  • A survey of physician international activities will take place annually and will be a CRICO International underwriting requirement.

International Advisory/Consulting (Errors & Omissions) Coverage

  • Provides coverage for employees and entities for claims/suits brought outside the U.S., its territories or possessions, or Canada, while performing consulting, advisory, or similar activities. [NOTE: COVERAGE DOES NOT APPLY TO COUNTRIES OR TERRITORIES EXCLUDED BY THE UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL.]
  • Coverage limit for International Advisory/Consulting is $5 million per claim/$10 million aggregate shared by all institutions.
  • Covers CRICO-insured entities and employees (acting within the scope of their duties) as long as:
    • your institution is covered under the domestic CRICO Association Liability policy,
    • a contract covering those activities is executed, and
    • your CRICO-insured sponsoring institution is party to the contract.
  • Contact your Insurance Manager or Office of General Counsel for your organization’s contract approval process.
  • This coverage is not extended to individual physician consulting/advisory contracts to which the CRICO-insured sponsoring institution is not a party.
  • Annual reporting of all covered contracts to your insurance manager’s office, including activities description, countries, and annual revenue, is a CRICO International underwriting requirement.
  • If an international contract is entered into midterm, Underwriting must be contacted and will review prior to coverage being extended.

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