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Medical Malpractice Data

Our proprietary coding taxonomy and analysis by our seasoned team of clinical and analytic experts allow you to transform data into intelligence.

Clinical insights associated with our Candello Solutions by CRICO are derived from the application of the Strategies’ Clinical Coding Taxonomy. Our proprietary process captures clinical elements embedded in your professional liability cases to accurately pinpoint the individual practice and system breakdowns at the root of the alleged medical error. The insight gained through this taxonomy provides clear evidence to drive patient safety initiatives.


Annual Benchmarking Reports

Download an in-depth evaluation of current trends in clinical risk using Candello data. Topics range from communication failures and risks in the diagnostic process to emergency medicine and obstetrics.

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Research Presentations

To support researchers, authors, and patient safety leaders, CRICO makes available a set of data profiles related to some of the highest risk areas for medical malpractice vulnerability.

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Client Case Studies

Identifying vulnerabilities. Implementing Solutions. Improving Safety.

MedStar and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital share the results of successful engagements with Candello.

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