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Faculty Disclosure Information

Breast Care Management Algorithm Test

CRICO/RMF holds the standard that our continuing medical education activities be free of commercial bias, with content that is independent, objective, balanced and scientifically rigorous. As an ACCME accredited provider, we ensure that all faculty, course directors, planners, and their spouses or partners, participating in any CRICO/RMF activity disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may influence the content of this activity.  The information below describes any relationship planners or faculty may have had in the past 12 months with commercial interests such as pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device manufacturers, or other corporations whose products or services may be relevant to their contribution to this activity.  Our intent is to openly and transparently identify potential conflicts that may be important to learners’ in their evaluation of this activity.

The following authors, planners and/or faculty have reported no significant relationships with commercial interests:

Michelle Specht    


 Gila Kriegal    

Jennifer Haas  

Sughra Raza   

Susan Troyan

The following authors, planners and/or faculty have reported receiving something of value from a company whose product may be germane to the content of their presentations:


Judy Garber (self & spouse)


Research Support




                        (self & spouse)




Myriad Genetics

Research Support





By Human Resource policy, CRICO/RMF employees involved as planners and/or faculty have no relationships relevant to this project.

Luke Sato                   Jock Hoffman